An amalgamated British Tradition — Afternoon tea has now become one of the quaintest yet elegant ways to spend time with friends or colleagues all the while enjoying scrumptious and unique food items. Here’s a look into what Hilton Colombo offers you in their edition of Afternoon Tea.

A well spread out mixture of traditional and non-traditional food items and a range of teas and coffees to compliment different flavours of each food item. …

Opened in January 2017; Jie Jie Beach by Jetwing is one of the latest additions to the Jetwing family. Located just 30 km from Colombo; it is the perfect oasis in the busy town of Panadura.

Here are my reasons for you to visit this newly opened my kinda hideaway spot.

Kerala — God’s own country filled with coconut trees, aromatic spices and elegant houseboats. One might wish to go to Kerala just to experience a lavish stay at one of the houseboats but did you know that you could experience the same here in Sri Lanka? Located in Bentota — Yaathra by Jetwing is the first houseboat of it’s kind in Sri Lanka. The easiest and the fastest way to reach there is by Southern Expressway (E02) and from the exit at Aluthgama it would only take maximum of 45 mins. for you to reach Yaathra down the ‘Elpitiya Road’.

If you have any plans to travel in Sri Lanka, Galle is one of the destinations you must visit. It is one of the most breathtaking and beautiful cities in the country filled with ancient value and a mesmerising coast line. The Dutch Fort in Galle stands out more than anything else in the city as it is one of the finest human creations which even survived the 2004 Tsunami disaster.

If you want to experience Galle at its best, spare one or two complete days for it. There are many places you can visit and engage in a variety…

Polonnaruwa is one of the most sacred and ancient cities in Sri Lanka. Also Known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site; it is one of the cities which portraits the pride and the cultural enrichment Sri Lanka once had. If you are interested in history and archaeology; the ancient city of Polonnaruwa would be the ideal place for you to start your exploration on ancient Sri Lanka.

We all want to travel. We all like to go out of town to get away from the hustle bustle. While we all wish to relax and enjoy ourselves we also don’t want to travel for long hours to get to our destination.

Kithul Kanda is one such place where you do not have to travel long miles to get to. Located only just 35km from Colombo; one or two hours drive will take you right to a top of a mountain where you would find a little paradise surrounded with nature’s beauty. Kithul Kanda is one of the hotels…

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